Domain security


Have you ever considered security issues related to owning a domain name and web site?

Websites are under attack by Phishing and other schemes like the case which happened to CheckFree. The criminals were able to take control of several CheckFree Web domains after logging into the company's domain registrar, Network Solutions, and changing the CheckFree DNS settings. It is not clear how the attackers were able to get CheckFree's Network Solutions password, but some security experts believe that CheckFree may have fallen prey to a phishing attack. Regardless of how it was obtained the outcome is history. If a hacker or other unscrupulous individual succeeds in accessing and changing your domain information they have control to do anything they desire until you regain control of your domain.

Our Solution: extra security features.

We offer the ability to set different security levels at either the domain or account level. There are 3 security levels available.

  • Level 0 (the default) will send an email notifying you of any changes that are made on your domain or account.
  • Level 1 will send the email but will also require that you respond with a URL provided in the email to authorize the changes. No changes will be made until confirmation is received.

  • What this means.

  • If your contact information is changed on your domain, you lose control and this could result in your domain(s) being transferred away.
  • If host information on your domain is changed your domain will point to a site other than yours.
  • If your nameserver assignments are changed the intruder gains full control of your domain.
  • If the lock is removed from your domain it can be transferred away if the intruder has also changed contact information.
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