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Does all of your domain traffic get to your web site?

With the fast paced evolution of the internet technologies and the driving need for businesses to be profitable, now has come the time to ask the question: Am I getting the optimum service from my DNS provider? More internet companies are adopting a "Traffic" model where pay per click on internet traffic significantly boosts their bottom line. If your DNS service is provided by anyone other than yourself, do you know that every customer that clicks to your site or types your web address in their browser actually shows up at your site?

Recently ICANN changed whois verification policies which require registrars to verify contact information on domains. If you change your email address or other required data you are given 15 days to verify the change through the process proviced by your registrar. If you mis-typed your email address you will never receive the verification notice to complete the process. As a result your domain will probably end up parked on another page and your website is dead. Our service will notify you if your website changes under these conditions.
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Enter DNS Cop. We will monitor your domain's DNS and log how your addresses are served. If any hits are re-routed we will capture the data and take a snapshot of the site that your traffic was re-routed to so that you can see historical patterns. We can't guarantee that every occurance will be caught but eventually DNS Cop will catch the theft if it is occurring or let you know that your domain is routed to a parking page.
What you do as a result is up to you. If only one hit is scraped from your site a month, that lost visitor would most likely be more than enough to pay the service fee for monitoring your traffic. How much would you lose for only one lost sale or contract.

Note: if the resulting page for your URL uses frames to another site or presents dynamic content, the monitoring service may provide false positives which make it appear that your site is being redirected when it's not.

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